Wildlife Research and Conservation

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Norway grants 2014 - 2021



NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Naturformidling van der Kooij

Target species

Northern birche mouse (Sicista betulina)

Target area


Czechia, false

We are planning a short visit to NTNU to discuss and plan potential projects and to write joint applications for the upcoming calls within the programme Environment of Norway Grants: 1a Ecosystems, 1b SGS-Ecosystems, 1c SGS-Ecosystems.

During this visit, we will also organise at least one seminar where we will present our current projects and activities in the Czech Republic, with the aim of finding additional partners and nurturing new collaborations.

Additionally, we will organise a visit to the Czech Republic to study local environments, observe some of the study models and, particularly, to share good practices for the monitoring and conservation of our endangered populations of Northern Birch mice. During the field trip, we will visit two areas of historical/recent distribution of the species, and the monitoring methodology developed by Norwegian partners will be discussed and tested in locations with potential occurrence of the species. During this meeting, we will start a joint application, also within the program Environment of the Norway Grants.