Wildlife Research and Conservation

Species of interest

In this section you will find basic information about the Great Auk, the symbol of our company, and the other species we focus on.

The Great Auk occurred in the North Atlantic but became extinct in the 19th century.
The largest mustelid in the Czech Republic living around streams, rivers, ponds and reservoirs.
The Eurasian Lynx is Europe's largest feline. In Western and Central Europe, the European lynx population had been locally extinct countries, however now its reintroduction is the focus of certain cross-border conservation projects.
A critically endangered rodent which has extremely suffered due to intensive farming habitats.
An invasive mammal from Asia with a negative impact on our native species.
An invasive mammal from North America with a negative impact on our native species.
A North American mustelid having a negative effect on our ecosystem
One of Europe's most endangered mammals, already extinct in the Czech Republic.
A mustelid living in the steppe habitat of the Balkans and Asia.
The Steppe polecat, a mustelid living steppe and agricultural landscape, is one of our rarest mammals.
A master of the air, it is one of the rarest bird species nesting in the Czech Republic.
The Peregrine falcon is one of the few species that after previously declared extinct in the Czech Republic, has returned and is breeding here again.