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Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Objective 3: Czech Republic - Bavaria 2007-2013



Vláda Dolního Bavorska (main project partner)

Bavarian State Office for the Bavarian State Office for the Environment

WWF Deutschland

Bayarian Hunting Association

Bund Nature Conservation

Bavarian Forest National Park

Wildland Foundation Bavaria

ALKA Wildlife (main Czech partner)

Nature and Landscape Protection Agency of the Czech Republic (non-financial partner)

Mistery of the Environment of the Czech Republic (non-financial partner)




Tereza Mináriková

Target species

Eurasian lynx

Target area


Plzeňský kraj

Project activities

Cross-border cooperation of individual interest groups

The aim of the project is to improve communication between state conservation, hunters, foresters, non-profit organisations or scientists. They can all contribute to protecting the Šumava-Bavarian population of this rare beast. However, they need to share research data, exchange experiences and work together to find solutions to problems associated with lynx occurring in the landscape.

Biological data on population status

In order to effectively protect the lynx, it is necessary to obtain high-quality biological data on the state of the population and use this to assess the population status and analyse future trends. Camera traps were used to monitor lynx occurrence and signs of lynx presence were also mapped.

Public awareness

Often, public attitudes towards the lynx decide its fate. As part of the project, a campaign aimed at raising awareness of the Eurasian lynx was created. It involved highlighting the need to protect the lynx populations whilst improving the relationship of selected interest groups of this species. The hope that his in turn would contribute to the reduction of illegal hunting, which is also a major threat to lynx.

Project outputs

Brochure: How to recognise a lynx kill

Brochure: Šumava: lynx,mountian forests and bark beetles

Brochure: Tracks of lynx and oher forest animals

Brochure: Lynx

Poster: Lynx - A year in the life of a lynx (Czech)

Poster: Lynx - A year int he life of a lynx (German)

Publication: Occurence of medium and large forest animals in southern and southwestern Bohemia, Czech Republic (Carnivora, Artiodactyla, Lagomorpha)

Online map: Lynx map

This map is home to photos of animals recorded on the camera traps across in the 3Lynx, Trans-Lynx and Austrian Luchsprojekt Osterreich Nordwest projects in the Šumava and wider Pošumaví areas from the Czech Republic, Bavaria and Austria.