Wildlife Research and Conservation


Gašpar Čamlík, Kateřina Poledníková, Lukáš Poledník


Lynx, n.s. (Praha)

Publishing year

In 2009–2014, a survey of medium-sized to large mammals was carried out on the islands of the Central (Věstonice) Reservoir. It is a lowland water reservoir located in southern Moravia (Czech Republic) at the junction of three rivers, Dyje, Jihlava, and Svratka. Several non-invasive survey methods were used: camera traps (altogether 1759 “camera trap-nights”), monitoring rafts (2674 “raft-nights”) and tracking tunnels (160 “tunnel-nights”). Additional methods included random observations and monitoring of animal tracks, scats and other signs. Overall, 13 mammal species from the focal group were identified on the islands of the Věstonice reservoir: five rodent, six carnivore and two even-toed ungulate species. The phenomenon of occurrence of the stone marten (Martes foina) on islands is unique for the Věstonice reservoir.

Open publication "Mammal populations on islands of the Věstonice Reservoir Nature Reserve, southern Moravia (Czech Republic)" (PDF)