Wildlife Research and Conservation


Lukáš Poledník, Kateřina Poledníková


ALKA Wildlife, o.p.s.

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American mink belongs to the ground of non-native, spreading mammal species in the fauna of the Czech Republic. It’s a North American species with considerable reproductive capacity and its population is expanding in both our country and across Europe, following the introduction through fur farms.

As an introduced species, it poses a potential danger to the original fauna of Europe’s small and medium vertebrates, which may be its prey, and also has a negative impact on competitive weasels. For this reason, its occurrence in Europe is undesirable and eradication or regulatory measures are taking place in many places.

The aim of the document is to summarise basic information (especially those that may be relevant for setting appropriate management measures) and to create a methodological manual for planning effective American mink management actions in the Czech Republic.

Open publication "Monitoring, regulation and eradication of American mink in the Czech Republic - methodological recommendations" (, PDF)