Wildlife Research and Conservation


Václav Hlaváč, Lukáš Poledník, Kateřina Poledníková, Jan Šíma, Jitka Větrovcová


Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic and ALKA Wildlife, o.p.s.

Publishing year

This handbook was created for the following reasons:

  • to draw attention to the problem of otters dying on roads,
  • provide examples of situations in which this problem occurs,
  • to make recommendations for best practice and
  • to provide examples of suitable and inappropriate solutions using practical demonstrations.

The handbook also includes a description of the administrative procedures recommended to ensure that requirements for the protection of the Eurasian otter are met during planning future transport structures.

Open publication "Otter and transport: A guide to reducing the negative impact of traffic on the Eurasian otter" (, PDF)