Wildlife Research and Conservation


Jaromír Bláha, Luděk Bufka, Kristina Danisz, Vojtěch Kotecký, Tereza Mináriková, Kateřina Poledníková, Josefa Volfová


ALKA Wildlife, o.p.s.

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Do you know where to find the most beautiful gems of Czech natural heritage?

Where did the capercaillie and the Eurasian lynx find refuge?

The belt of mountains, including Šumava, Novohradské hory, Český les and their foothills, is called the Šumava system. Here we find a varied mosaic of rare habitats; extensive peat bogs and wetlands, primeval forests of spruce or beech, wild rivers and glacial lakes. Here, we can discover endemic organisms that do not occur anywhere else in the world.

Open publication "Sumava: Lynx, natural mountain forests and bark beetles" (, PDF)