Wildlife Research and Conservation


Lukáš Poledník, Kateřina Poledníková, Václav Pavel, Václav Beran


Bulletin Vydra

Publishing year

In the year 2021 two snow tracking surveys were carried out, in Orlické hory PLA and Dačice region.

In Dačice region, a fishpond area, 12 adults were identified in 100 km2 size area, in three cases the

female was followed by unknown number of cubs (conditions were not sufficient to assess the number

of siblings). In Orlické hory PLA, mountain region of 204 km2, eight adults were identified, one female

was followed by two cubs. Comparison with results from previous censuses shows that winter densities

are stable in time in both areas.

Open publication "Winter census of Eurasian otter in Dačice area and PLA Orlické hory in the year 2021" (, PDF)