Wildlife Research and Conservation


Lukáš Poledník, Kateřina Poledníková, Jitka Větrovcová, Václav Beran, Václav Pavel


Bulletin Vydra

Publishing year

From 2013-2017, six snow tracking surveys were carried out in four areas of the Czech Republic; Orlické hory, Šumava, Krkonoše and Dačice.

Number of individuals identified in different areas varied between 2.1 to 12 adults per 100 km2. Higher densities were identified in fishpond areas compared to mountain areas.

Dependent young accounted for 30% of the populations, and the average litter size in the otter family in winter period was 1.63.

Open publication "Winter otter census in selected areas of the Czech Republic from 2013-2017" (, PDF)