Wildlife Research and Conservation


Kateřina Poledníková, Štěpán Zápotočný, Václav Beran, Lukáš Poledník


Bulletin Vydra 18

Publishing year

Otters live in streams and other aquatic habitats. When they reach a road and the stream is led through

bridge/culvert not adapted for animals, they often prefer to cross the road at the surface. This leads to

high traffic mortality. Wooden boards are one of possible measures to modify bridges/culverts to be

used by otters to safely cross roads/railways. Basic requirements and our experience with installation

and operation are described. Wooden boards described in the article are very well working, used by

otters, but also by other small mammals.

Open publication "Wooden boards for otters - their benefits, requirements and our experience with their installation and operation" (, PDF)