Wildlife Research and Conservation

Farmers have been given permission to eradicate voles with poison!

At this time of the year, storks are gathering in the fields to hunt the voles in their preparations to go south for the winter. Areal application of poison, however, puts them in great danger. Photo credit: Vladimír Gahura / zdroj: ČSO birds.cz__

Farmers have recently been given permission to eradicate voles by spreading poison. This means that many other animals are also in jeopardy, especially all the different species of bird for which voles are a vital food source, as warned by ornithologists. Worryingly, these methods of eradication could also be a threat to the critically endangered ground squirrel we are researching and conserving amongst other mammals including hares.

We consider laying poison for ingestion by voles as an extreme and dangerous solution to manage voles in farmland.