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A unique opportunity to name lynx cat!

Most of the lynx we write about on our website, Facebook or in the press, have a name. Most, but not all. Gradually, we can identify individual lynx in South Bohemia and once this happens, we can give it a name. Today, it is time to name a new lynx from the Novohradské Mountains and we want you to vote for her name on Facebook.

So how does it work: naming a lynx? As part of long-term monitoring of the Eurasian lynx population using camera traps in southern and western Bohemia, we are trying to identify individual animals with the help from our partners. Firstly, we have to obtain pictures of the lynx from both sides. Then we have to compare photos to other lynx. When we are confident we can identify it from another, we can give it a name!

We have different ways of giving the lynx names. Sometimes its due the location of their first photograph like Kristina of Křišťanova, or according to their original sexless code like B007AT = Bond, according to their “discoverers” = Luděk, or even according to our favorite films = Galadriel.

The first record of our new lynx comes from a camera trap, in the early hours of New Year’s Eve. This new lynx had unique colouring, a “marbled” coat which is usually harder to recognise even though this type of pattern is less common. So, after a quick check in our database, we were able to confirm that this lynx was in fact an animal we hadn’t encountered before! In this event, we had taken photos of here from both sides using a mirrored camera trap approach, where cameras are placed opposite each other to try and make sure we obtain photos from both sides. As we managed to get both sides, we can now allocate it with a B code,which means when we capture it again, either side will be allocated with the code B531. At the same time, we also managed to confirm that she is a female (there is not anything = female). So in the end, this means we can now give her a name. Therefore, we can now give her the name and we want you to help! Suggestions and voting is taking place on our Facebook page so please go and take a look.

Lynx stories are based on grant support from the Ministry of the Environment. The material does not need to express the views of the Ministry of the Environment.