Wildlife Research and Conservation

New souslik trademark - "Souslik friendly orchard"

Since sousliks don’t only live in vineyards, we have created a new trademark for the orchard owners who also create suitable souslik environments - “Souslik friendly orchard”. The owners must maintain the grass between their trees, protect the sousliks and not use rodenticides.

Depending on what is grown in the orchard, overripe fallen fruits such as cherries, apricots and nuts can become a welcome diversification and an important energy source for the sousliks. Information about our orchards will be on the new page here.

We have recorded sousliks in the orchards of Velké Pavlovice and also in Hrušovany u Brna which is where the first orchard to receive the “Souslik friendly orchard” trademark grows apricots. These orchards are exceptional! When you go to Mr. Rotter to pick apricots, you will certainly see the sousliks and you’ll hear them calling at you from all sides.

This project is part of project “Souslik for the landscape, landscape for sousliks - Monitoring and support of the Souslik population in South Moravia”. This project is funded by the ERDF and the state budget. It is supported by the Ministry of the Environment and does not have to express opinions of the Ministry of the Environment.