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Souslik information stand at the Hnanice 'Open Cellars'

With the arrival of spring, sousliks have woken up which means the start of new big project and the winemakers are preparing for the spring open cellars. We therefore cordially invite you to join us on 5 May 2018 at the open cellars in Hnanice, where we will be with our souslik information stand.

More information about the Open Cellars in Hnanice can be found here.

On the same day, the Open Cellars in Velké Pavlovice is also being held. You can also find sousliks in this area and we have proudly awarded the “Souslik friendly vineyard” trademark to wines produced in the area for a long time. More information about the Open Cellers in Velké Pavlovice can he found here.

Our presence at the Open Cellars is part of the project Sousliks for the landscape, landscape for the sousliks - Monitoring and Supporting Sousliks in South Moravia. It is funded by ERDF and the state budget. It is also supported by the Ministry of the Environment. The material does not have to express opinions of the Ministry of the Environment.