Wildlife Research and Conservation


Tereza Mináriková, Gašpar Čamlík, Jan Šíma, Lukáš Poledník, Kateřina Poledníková, Jaroslav Červený, Tomáš Kušta



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Our invasive species; American mink, Northern raccoon and Raccoon dog have been a permanent part of our fauna for decades now. Today, you can see them almost anywhere, except for the highest parts of the Giant Mountains where there is no suitable environment for any one of these species. Their presence in our nature is not without risk, however, as they can become significant predators to amphibians, reptiles and birds, carry different diseases and, last but not least, are competitors to our native carnivores.

In the first part of this publication, we briefly describe these species and their occurrence in the Czech Republic. In the second part, we discuss the possibilities of regulation of these species and analyse both the legal situation and the view of the European Union on this problem.

Open publication "Our invasive animals - uninvited guests who ended up staying permanently" (, PDF)