Wildlife Research and Conservation

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Programme: Interreg V-A Slovak Republic/Czech Republic

Together without borders


Contribution from European Regional Development Fund: €63,490.44

Contribution from Czech state budget: €3,734.73



Slovak Ornithological Society (main Slovak partner)

Krok Kyjov, z.ú. (main cross-border partner)

ALKA Wildlife, o.p.s. (main Czech partner)

Czech Ornithological Society (South Moravian Branch)


Lukáš Poledník

Target species

Invasive species: American mink, Raccoon dog, Northern raccoon, Coypu

Endangered native species: Gulls, Terns, Waterfowl

Target area

Věstonická Resvervoir Nature Reserve

Lednické Ponds National Nature Reserve

Mutěnické Ponds


Czechia, Slovakia

Project details

The REVISION project builds on a previous invasive mammal monitoring and bird island management project in the Czech and Slovak Republic’s cross-border areas. It was implemented in the past years as the NEOVISION and NEOVISION II projects.

The aim of the project is to re-evaluate the current status of selected invasive animals, namely the American mink, Northern raccoon, Raccoon dog and Coypu. The project sets out to actively catch the invasive animals to reduce their status and in turn, protect our native species such as colonies of waterfowl nesting on islands in the nature reserves.

This project is focussed on three localities in South Moravia: Věstonická nádrž PR (nature reserve), Lednické rybníky NPR (national nature reserve) and Mutěnice rybníky.

Some invasive species are becoming more and more problematic, endangering indigenous species. For example, the fish population in Hrušovské zdrži, part of the Slovakian Danube, has fallen by 70% in the last 5 years, due to the increased numbers of American mink.


American mink - a real enemy? (Article in Živa)