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EEA funds 2009-2014

Small grant scheme Rescue programmes for specially protected species II of the CZ02 programme

Ministry of the Environment

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.


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Peter Adamík

Target species

Edible dormouse

Target area

Czech Republic

Project aims

The Edible dormouse is included in the ‘Concept of Rescue Programmes and Programmes of Care for Special Protected Species of Animals and Plants in the Czech Republic’ among the “Species Requiring Special Considerations”. This means the species is of conservational significance as there is insufficient knowledge regarding its biology, ecology, distribution, causes of threats or ways to reduce these threats. This knowledge is necessary to plan specific conservation measures in the future.

Therefore, the aim of this project was to complete a detailed, large-scale survey, of the edible dormouse, across the Czech Republic. The monitoring would firstly map the occurrence of the edible dormouse based on a standard animal mapping network. Following this, the project aimed to complete an analysis of the habitat requirements of the species as a necessary source for assessing the current state and perspective of the population of this species in the Czech Republic.

Project activities

1. Monitoring the occurrence of the Edible dormouse

In the first months of the project, preparations such as selection of checkpoints, organising documents and a training workshop took place. Mapping then took place during the summer months of 2015 and 2016. Dormice were identified by their night time vocalisations. Overall, 1830 points were checked during these night-time checks across the Czech Republic. The project also collected data submitted by the public. Thanks to these data, 345 extra records of dormice were obtained. From this monitoring, we calculated the occurrence of the edible dormouse was found in 188 faunistic quadrates (28% of the territory).

2. Verification of habitat claims and ecology

This project also created a database of edible dormouse distribution with trapping data from 2007–2014. Other historical data was also included in this database. This spanned various habitats of the Nízký Jeseník Mountains. Data on the main tree species was also collected at individual sites. From this, density and survival rate of these individuals was calculated.

3. Publicity

An information seminar was organised at the Faculty of Science, Charles University. Two excursions for the public were organised: a night walk to look for dormice in the Podyjí National Park and a talk when checking nest boxes in Dlouhá Loučka.

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