Wildlife Research and Conservation



Implemented as part of the Neovision project - new challenges in biodiversity protection on the Czech-Slovak border, funded by the Cross-border Cooperation Programme



Lukáš Poledník

Target species

American mink, Raccoon dog, Northern raccoon

Target area

PO Soutok - Tvrdonicko

EVL Hodonínská doubrava

PO Bzenecká Doubrava - Strážnické Pomoraví

Lednické Ponds National Nature Reserve

Project goal

The Neovision II project builds on the previous Neovision project. Its focus is the issue of the introduction of non-native species of carnivores - American mink, northern raccoon and raccoon dog. These carnivores can have significant effects on local nesting waterfowl. In this project, we are subcontracted to conduct the project activities in the Czech Republic. This includes a survey of the occurrence of semi-aquatic invasive mammals (American mink, northern raccoon and raccoon dog) and standard monitoring of nesting colonies of birds in four localities of the South Moravian Region: Lednické ponds National Nature REserve, PO Soutok-Tvrdonicko, EVL Hodonínská Doubrava and PO Bzenecká Doubrava - Strážnické Pomoraví.


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